Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number 19179 2911
Engine number X
Interior decoration leather
Tank 40 liters low version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • pressed (one pice)
Water box
  • flat
Semaphore boxes
closed inside


The car was researched and owned by Peter Pfoertner. He did a great job on the history It was delivered to Hahn Fellbach on 8th dec 1949 VW Typ 14 A Hebmueller Nr. 280 Figures: ID-Number 1-0126001 body number 14-00280 Hebmüller number 19179_2911 engine number 1-0797288 (30 PS 01/1955) engine number og not registered colour black / white colour og L 567 ivory options og none History: 29.11.1949 date of built 08.12.1949 delivery from factory to VW dealer Hahn in Fellbach, Germany A question by Email regarding informations about the Hebmueller at VW Hahn was not answered 50's history / first owner is not known in the 60's Car was bought by the well-known Munich landscape painter Duke Joachim „Jo“ von Kalckreuth (1912 - 1984). He travelled several times to former Yugoslavia, Italy and even Mallorca with this Hebmueller for painting landscapes in oil. These pictures are now worth several thousand Euros! 1976 Car sold because of healthy and financial reasons to Mr. Fred Haenle, art dealer in Munich, together with some of his pictures. Mr. Haenle is the last owner mentioned in the original German title which is not existing anymore because it was written fully. 30.03.1976 New registration MOD – U 988 because Mr. Haenle moved to another region. Therefore a new title which is still existing. This is also the last official registration of this Hebmueller. I was able to find Mr. Haenle via the Internet. He is still an art dealer, now back again in Munich. He gave me the above mentioned informations about Jo von Kalckreuth. 12.01.1978 De-registration. About this time Mr. Haenle sold it to a used-car-dealer (Name probably Mr. Woehrl) at Augsburg (non-existing anymore). Reason for sale: children were arriving so the Hebmueller was too small; Mr. Haenle bought an used 4-door Mercedes instead. At this time the Hebmueller was in bad condition and painted silver. Two pictures from 1977 / 78 were tracked down bei Hebmueller-owner Andreas Hendl by luck from this time! 1978 Purchase by Mr. Senner, VW dealer in Fischach near Augsburg. Reason for purchase: Mr. Senner had already owned a red-ivory Hebmueller which he sold also because of family reasons to some young guys which totally crashed the Hebmueller some days later at a tree. Mr. Senner felt sorry about the lost of this Hebmueller and looked for another one until he found Nr. 280. He bought from some young guys who started a renovation. The front fenders were missing. 1978 – 1979 „Restoration“ of Nr. 280 in the quality hiw restorations were done in the 70s (fast, cheap, not to og specification) 1979 – 2008 some very few sporadic summer cruises with dealer plates (no official registration, in total less than 1000 km (!). Most of the time the Hebmueller had spent its time in the showroom of the dealership 2008 after 6 years of permanent negotiations (I visited Mr. Senner about 1 time per month) I got the agreement to buy it. At this time we did together the first drive after 10 years with just putting a battery in and starting. Unfortunately the deal was not done because suddenly another man gave a far higher offer! Luckily, he never came and left the money! Mr. Senner was frustrated, changed his plans and wanted to keep the Hebmueller to start a second restoration. He started with dismantling some parts and repaint some small areas like the sills. 20.02.2009 Finally I got it!!! and picked it up at 01.03.2009 02 to 05/09 „big“ inspection to get it roadworthy and street legal 08.05.2009 German TUEV and confirmation as historic vehicle 05 to 06/09 slammed it and changed a lot of wrong parts to originals to the state it is today 06 to 10/09 summer cruises over about 3000 km with local vintage car and VW meetings and visiting the „big events“ Hessisch Oldendorf (premiere, with trailer) and Chateau d'Oex / Switzerland on street (1200 km road trip) 09/09 magazine feature „VW Speed“ 10/09 12/09 own text in club magazine „Das Brezelfenster“ 04/09 03/09 own text in club magazine „Das Brezelfenster“ 01/10 about the Chateau d'Oex-trip 04/10 to 10/10 second season with VW Vintage meeting in Oberwolfach and several small VW and Vintage Car meetings 04/11 to 06/11 raised back to original ride height with new diagonal tyres 14.06.11 new German TUV Description: condition when I bought it: body - Original Hebmueller with body number and correct ID-plates - no hidden crash damage - front valance / spare wheel well welded - right inner front panel inside unwelded, no rust, nice condition - left inner front panel welded with repair panel, only puncted - area where fenders are screwed to body unwelded - small rusthole in foot well near the pedals - drivers door unwelded, passenger door welded - rear quarter panels both unwelded and nice - rear inner arches both badly welded - area where fenders are screwed to body with signs of welding - wrong bumper mounts welded - wrong rear valance - no welding between body and floor - original sills and cabrio-strengthenings still in place, welded - rear decklig original, signs of an engine fire, hand-made decklid retainer - front decklid retainer seems to be the original Hebmueller rear decklid retainer! - front decklid wrong, 60s - all 4 fenders wrong, 60s - dashboard with several additional holes for switches - bad body paint in black and white with scratches, dents - doors windows with scratches and black paint form painting the body Summary: solid, not a wrotten wreck, usual weldings like at most other German beetles from the sixties. In comparison to other Hebmuellers top basis! floor - original floor and ID-number - front axle wrong, model 61 with steering damper - at the back hydraulic dampers, one leaking. Change was already I guess in the sixties - change to hydraulic brakes also sometimes in the sixties to VW spec - floor welded at several areas with repair panels - welded to be able to use a newer part-syncromesh gearbox from Oval - complete floor painted with orange rust-protection - breaks working - 5 16-inch wheels with 30-year-old tyres. - incorrect choke Summary: robust, parts not original, no immediate work necessary drivetrain - 30hp-engine with original Hebmueller-aircleaner (!), terrible chrome doghouse and tinware from the 70s, old nice looking but leaking fuel filter, carburettor leaking, fuel lines leaking, inspection necessary, 55-onwards-muffler with 2 tailpipes, rusty - gearbox part-synchro, oily, noisy, but works fine, driveshafts with new rubber - clutch bearing noisy - fuel pump defect Summary: after a main service it was good for cruising electrics - everything works, but terrible wiring - windsreen wipers are started with seperate VW wiper switch from the 60s - windscreen washer and fuel gauge where once installed but missing - head lights from the 60s - horn missing - rear lights 61-onwards - english (!) hazard flasher under dashboard - steering-locker og VW from the 60s - rare Telefunken radio, knobs, scrambler and antenna missing - wrong number plate light insert - flashing lights on front fenders, model 63-74, separate switch - 2 different semaphores (one smooth, one ripped), working, but no bulbs - incorrect wiper arms (Oval) Summary: terrible, but works parts / chrome / etc: - wrong body trim, incorrect front decklid handle, wrong VW sign, rear decklid handle from a standard split, not locking - 2 different and incorrect running board trim - wrong running boards / wrong rubber - passenger door handle is one for a driver's door with no key - Export bumpers from the sixties, but used grooved bumper without overriders came with the car - front hood trim missing - very bad pvc hood with big plastic window, holes in the side, awful - new persenning made of Sonnenland cloth material (!) - og. Porsche 356-PreA steering wheel and correct Porsche horn button - og speedometer, km-counter not working (so do not know the mileage) - glove box doors, one with VDO clock - shortened gear lever, done by Mr. Senner (reminded him to his old MG...) - except one inner door handle all original handles - Hebmueller rear view mirror, but sunvisor cut away - missing seals at doors and hood - cloth for seats and doors red corderoy, bleached out - seats from the 60s - grey and dirty carpet, not from a car - trunk cardboard missing - rear view mirrors at both sides on the door hinges - keys for ignition and door Summary: some rare parts, but also a lot of missing correct parts like at so many other splits Works done in my ownership: (with the help of and thanks to Hebmueller owners Thomas Turnwald and Andreas Hendl) body - paint polished and improved at some bad areas - displacement of the rear fender against split beetle repro items with both pressings (at the screws and under the rear light). - new repro fender rubber bends floor - rust protection at some „metallic“ areas - all new brake hoses and lines except the long line from front to end - rebuilt as a dual circuit brake with new master brake cylinder and new brake fluid - change of front beam against a freshly build 12cm-narrowed and adjustable beam built out of an early Oval beam from Michael Moos without dampers. Spring rating nearly og, new CB performance dropped spindles, new track rod ends, rebuilt Oval steering box with steering angle limiter, new VW disc brakes og VW from 67 onwards in 5/130 stud pattern, new wheel bearings, new collar studs etc - at the back new spring plates for lowering approx. 12 cm, original torsion bar setting, new stud pattern adaptors - all new parts bought at The BugBox, Peter Ebeling and Ernst-Peter Hagen - wheels perfectly restored and high-polished original Porsche Fuchs alloys, front early 4,5x15, back deep six 6x15 with same production year and month! Restored an polished by company Tuning by Landherr - new Oval brake fluid reservoir - new tyres 135/15 and 185/70 with tubes - new gearbox oil - new rear dampers are fronts from an old MINI Cooper, reworked - all these modifications left no signs at the car and can be brought back easily from 04 – 06/2011 - rebuilt to original suspension with 61 front beam with which it came to me - new rear axle hydraulic dampers from Ernst-Peter Hagen - 4x new diagonal tyres 5.00/5.25x16 Excelsior - rebuilt to front drum brakes with were already installed at the 61 beam - installation of new main brake pipe from front to back of the car - rebuilt to og single master brake cylinder drive train - complete big inspection: oil change, valve clearance, ignition, plugs etc... - new fuel lines - new petrol tap - reworked fuel pump installed - reworked carb installed - new fan belt - new accelerator cable - no engine rebuilt from 04 – 06/11: - installation of new clutch bearing - carburettor cleaning - overall annual small inspection - exchange of an old fuel line electrics - installation of nice patina'd symmetrical headlights, one with Bosch sign in chrome ring, VW glasses with VW sign at the bottom - semaphores brought back to work, but still without bulbs - correct '49 rear lights with small aluminium ring - new seals under rearlights - new bulb holders for bulbs with two filaments (light and brake) - wiring: semaphores with original switch, flash lights with separate switch, at the back the brake plates are in the rear lights, no central brake light, brake lights will flush incl. emergency function (for German legislation) - ignition lock as original in speedo plate - new 6V horn, not working at the moment (?!) parts / aceessories / chrome - nice patina'd original aluminium split trim (better than all the current repros..), all installed except at the front hood (but will come with it), rear trim on Hebmueller decklid made out of an original from the front decklid (model 51-52), open ends closed with aluminium as Hebmueller has done it - new repro split running board rubber from Juergen Grendel - new repro split running board trim from from Michael Berg (perfect quality) - installation of the patina ribbed bumpers - new German repro bumper horns (good quality) - installation of reworked lockable chrome L-shape decklid handle from a Goggo (very similar to VW) with 2 keys - used split rubber floor mats - one new correct inner door handle (one was wrong) - new Hebmueller door mirrors repro from the Netherlands - new hood rubbers where they were missing, German quality (have the whole set) from 04 – 06/11 - installation of new oval wiper arms All these parts mentioned above were bought by me with a lot of invest. Furthermore, I have tracked these correct parts, still waiting for installation. They will come with the Hebmueller: front decklig, mainly restored, in primer, good condition matching pair of og front wings, sandblasted, primered and welded (by Andreas Hendl) og front aluminium hood trim front VW sign (original) front decklid handle (original) 2 round horn grilles (original) 1 round horn grille for glove box door (correct slightly other shape) repro trunk mat and felt from Juergen Grendel a pair of split window seats Export model for restoration Repro Hebmüller wooden rear window frame from Claus Missing used passenger door handle decklid rubbers front and rear the rest of the hood rubbers from Germany NOS braking cables Repro Hebmueller side crest from Peter Schepens sempahore relay so you can flash the semaphore bulbs These dismantled parts will come with the Hebmueller as they were there as I bought it: old hydraulic dampers (one leaking) incorrect running board trims body trim (og Oval) rear fenders and rear lights 61- old Oval fuel pump many small parts which alreday came with it (nothing special) old brake reservoir part of a decklid holder pair of 60s asymmetrical headlights glas fuel filter 2 other old 16 inch rims for restoration, 2 old 16 inch tyres Furthermore: German title German vintage car report / TUV certificate identity certificate from Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen one VW-Speed 10/09 Note: At the moment everything works fine but the engine and gearbox are leaking as at any old VW . There might come up some repairs. This car is fully driveable, even over long distances, but it is a restoration object. The main thing of concern is the bad hood. If you will only drive in sunshine, no problem. But it will leak if it rains hard and water will run into the right rear quarter panel ? not good! (Peter Pförtner)


Ex Joachim von Kalkreuth, Germany
Ex Fred Haenle, Germany
Ex R. Senner, Fischbach, Germany
Ex Peter Pförtner, Germany
Current owner lives in Germany


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