Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number 19165 2511
Engine number 1-0157433
under restoration
Interior decoration leather
Tank 40 liters low version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • pressed (one pice)
Water box
  • flat
Semaphore boxes
closed inside


I have been interested in Vintage Volkswagens for about 50 years now and still enjoy all aspects of the hobby. It all started while in the US Army stationed in Germany in 1970. My Army friend owned a 1949 Split Window VW and I helped him work on the car as he was planning on taking it back to the USA when he got out of the Army. While driving in the German countryside with my 1966 VW 1300, I pulled into an ESSO gas station and while there, I noticed a strange looking Volkswagen Convertible parked along the side of the gas station but did not know for sure what it was. I only knew that it had the same type dashboard as my friend’s 1949 sedan so it must be old. Over the next few months, I kept going back to the gas station inquiring about the old VW and over time, the owner sold it to me although I still did not know what this car was. I actually become the second owner of this VW. The car had lost its valid German registration and could not be driven on the road unless some repairs were made. I found myself working on it to get it ready for shipping back to the USA and liking the car more and more. After the car was in the USA, I started the search for information about the car only to discover that it was a 1949 Hebmüller VW Convertible number 14-00258. In the process of looking for original parts, I started meeting other Vintage VW enthusiasts and friendships started to develop. The restoration of the Hebmüller VW was completed in 1975. I enjoyed driving it to the VW shows and became really hooked on Vintage Volkswagens. I used the Hebmüller 14-00258 to open doors with VW dealerships for club sponsors and meeting places. The red and ivory Hebmüller 14-00258 has been on the front cover of several VW magazines over the years. After having the pleasure of driving, showing, establishing friendships with Hebmüller VW 14-00258 for 27 years, I decided to let someone else have the same enjoyment. So, in 1997, I sold the Hebmüller to Mr. Toshio Fujii in Japan and know the VW is doing just fine with its new proud third owner and location. I was able to meet Mr. Fujii while visiting Japan. He drove the Hebmüller for another 15 years and then the 25hp motor failed. I still communicate with Mr. Fujii and have seen various photos of 14-00258 currently under a total restoration project. Those restoration photos of 14-00258 can be seen on this site. Recently, I have been asked to help with the efforts of creating the Hebmüller Historical Registry online web access. I have been very active with providing information for the site.

Just to note: When I was restoring Hebmüller 14-00258 in the 1970s and it was time to paint the car, I chose the VW color scheme of Ruby Red (L456) and Ivory (Elfenbein L201). As it turned out, that red/ivory color scheme on this VW Type 14A was just so stunning, radiant, popped and caught your eye!! This Hebmüller appeared on several VW magazines and I drove it to so many car shows during the 27 years I owned it. Later, as other Hebmüller VWs were being restored, that same red/ivory color theme was used as well. Then, over time, the model manufacturers started making the miniature VW Type 14A versions also using the red/ivory colors. So, with all the exposure of this car over the years, it was assumed that the red/ivory color combination was an original VW factory color scheme. Well, contrary to popular belief, it was not a factory color scheme! As it turns out, there were only 3 color schemes available during the production era of the Hebmüller VW Type 14A. They were either painted all Black (L41), Black with Ivory sides (Elfenbein L201) or Black with Coral Red sides (Korallenrot L351). The original colors for this Hebmüller VW 14-00258 was Black with Coral Red sides! (BG)


This Hebmüller was delivered on November 30, 1949 to a VW dealer Moritz in Reutlingen and was later purchased by its first owner in Göggingen, Germany. In 1970, a US Army soldier, BoB Gilmore, who was stationed in Germany, bought the Hebmüller. He later shipped the car to the USA when he left the US Army and went home to California. Bob restored the car in San Diego, CA from 1972 until early 1976. BoB was very instrumental in developing the original Hebmüller VW Type 14A Registry. In 1997, he sold the Hebmüller 14-00258 to the current owner in Japan, who drove the car for many years. Currently, the Hebmüller is under restoration. Thanks for your great VW Type 14A Registry work BoB! (CM)


First owner lived in Göggingen near Stuttgart, Germany
Ex Bob Gilmore, USA, 1970 till 1997
Current owner lives in Japan


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