Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number 19356 1301
Engine number X
black/light ivory
Interior decoration cloth interior
Tank 40 liters low version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • pressed (one pice)
Water box
  • flat
Semaphore boxes
closed inside


The car was registered in Switzerland on 01/03/1950. The owner used it until 05/04/1960. The second owner used it also another 8 year and on 28/11/1968 it was again registered. Last owner used it until 1972.

In 2009 a telephone call changed everything. A good friend called the current owner on a Sunday evening, beginning with the words: "Hi, I have a car on my trailer, I bought it just in this moment, but I have to sell it quick. Do you know anyone who has interests in a Hebmüller convertible??"  "WHAT!??? you are joking.."  "No joke. It is no 455 Januar 1950 stored since 1979". So after 2 sleepless nights, he got the car delivered into his garage and got an agreement on the price. a fair deal for both sides.

The Hessisch Oldendorf meeting was on schedule. The Heb was registered with minor work so it passed the technical control. The original engine was not mounted, front beam and gearbox was changed, Also all fenders are original, an Abarth 4 tip exhaust was mounted, a wrong front hood, nothing welded beside a rear apron. It needed welding on one heater channel complete, rear apron, 2 bumper mount brackets, battery tray and finally grinding the whole chassis, all wheel housings to get the rust process under control. Also en rebuilt an engine and a complete new wire loom has to be installed.

On 17 June 2009 he drove to the German TÜV for a street legal approval, but the fresh rebuild engine blows up. The reason: glas from the blasting job. That was a bad day. With some minor sleep, a new engine was built with another case and parts from the blown up one. Details of the engine: 30 hp, bore 77,5 cylinders and pistons, stage 2 cam, NOS heads, redrilled to get the 24hp engine tin fitted, 33mm inlet valves, 28 PCI dual carb setup, higher compression ratio, lightened and balanced flywheel, Fram filter + Okrasa spiral cooler.

On 23 June he got it street legal, and the license plates. Then 100 km of testing and straight to Hessisch Oldendorf for its debut. The Heb is set on original sprint stars chromed wit 135/165 tires and lowered a bit, but all is reversible. It is not his goal to provoke with this patina car, He just want to have a lot of fun, and he also loves original cars not lowered. (PS)

More info can be found on the owners website: www.oval56.com


Ex H. Leunenberger, Switzerland
Current owner lives in Germany


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