Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number X
Engine number X
Interior decoration leather
Tank 40 liters low version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • pressed (one pice)
Water box
  • flat
Semaphore boxes
closed inside


Since 1951 in the family! "Pascha" was checked and delivered on January 28, 1950 by the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. On May 24, 1950 Pascha received his first license plate "BH 35-3638"(British Hamburg). His first owner was Walter-Harald Korte, a very good friend of Egon Schultz. On year later Egon Schultz bought Pascha and on 18 May 1951 he was registert on the company "Hermann Schultz - Geldschrank- und Tresorbau". After the occupation in 1956 the license plate was changed to HH-JJ 732 (Hansestadt Hamburg). This license plate Pascha owns until today. In the first year (1952), Judith and Egon Schultz made a tour through Germany with Pascha. In the 2nd year (1953) they drove to Kotor in the former Yugoslavia. On their return trip, the first engine has given up its spirit. Even the American MP (Militari Police) could not help. Meanwhile, the 3th machine does its job in Pascha. Until about 1963, Pascha completed his main service in the company of Egon Schultz by driving to the various major banks in Germany. His wife Judith Schultz sewed 2 pennants for Pascha with the sign of „Hermann Schultz - Geldschrank- und Tresorbau“. From about 1963 Pascha began his service with Judith Schultz. During the summer holidays she drove several times with the children from Hamburg to Tossa de Mar in Spain. The distance of approx. 1800 km has covered Pascha in 2 stages. Christoph Schultz (youngest son of Judith and Egon Schultz) has always been interested in Pascha. From 1998 Christoph Schultz took over the intensive care of Pascha. Pascha regularly participates with him in the Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips memorial ride in Kerpen and so far has driven a few trophies home. Once even the 1st place in the overall ranking of 100 vintage cars from Bj. 1930 - 1975. After more than 40 years Christoph Schultz drove from Bergheim (near Cologne) to Tossa de Mar to the "25a VW-Concentration de los Amigs VW Catalunia (AVWC)" in September 2018. Pascha was originally delivered in complete black and 1958 was painted over in Bordeaux red metallic (a Porsche color?). From summer 1974 to summer 1975 Pascha was welded in Spain by a friendly auto repair shop in Santa Coloma de Farnes and was painted over in silver metallic. His latest color. The roof was renewed in the same year in Hamburg and then provided with the larger plastic window at the back, for a better view to the rear. How Pascha got his name? Well, Egon Schultz used to be a bit more athletic with the Hebmüller and everyone had to make room. A good friend and business associate then said: the "Pascha" is driving through the streets of Hamburg.


first owner: Walter-Harald Korte
second owner: Egon Schultz
current owner: Christoph Schultz


The license plate in 1950 was BH 35-3638
First engine number was 1-0171827

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