Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number X
Engine number 1-0177455
Interior decoration leather
Tank 40 liters low version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • pressed (one pice)
Water box
  • flat
Semaphore boxes
closed inside


The heb was found in Madison Wisconsin. The owner had passed away and the undertaker noticed the car in the garage where it stood still for at least 10 years.  

The 80 year old  widow agreed to sell the Heb to the nephew of the undertaker as that nephew was into Volkswagens.

The heb was not his thing as he was heavy into Call look and modified beetles. As he had no resources to restore the heb, he mailed a possible client. The new guy, mr Lane bought the heb as it was. He towed it home behind a new beetle for at least 350 miles.

The new owner got soon in touch with Bruce Braun. While on the phone with Bruce, they both stood next to their cars and discussed alt he details. The confirmation came in return in 2002 that the heb was the real deal and not a tribute car. Bruce was even thrilled that the 10/14 Vin tag in the front was still the original, as the chassis. A birth certificate came back from Germany with confirmation that that was in deed a Hebmüller. At that point the condition of the heb was poor but complete. It was in need of new floorhalfs, heaterchannels, all 4 wings, new wire loom, all split lights, a set of 16 inch wheels.  The semaphore boxes were closed but only to found out it was done with Bondo (filler) Even the hole for the locking handle in the engine cover was closed with bondo.  There was a light hit in the front and that is why the tool shelf was replaced….. and the stamped body number was lost with the aufbauplate. The car came also with all the needed Heb parts like offset mushroom filter, engine cover, doors, Glass, roofframe, chome glovebox doors, leather interior, petri steering wheel with horn ring. 

Mr. Lane kept the car for a time and then sold it to a new collector. The restauration was done in a high level as the collector knew what he was doing. With Rometsch, Dannenhauer &Stauss, Beutler and Porsches in the collection. The Heb got a good treatment.

After the car was done, the collector made up his mind and sold a part of his cars. Including the Hebmüller that went to another collector. The car is finished in black and red outside, a tan leather interior and can keep the traffic with its beefed up twin carb engine and fourtip Abarth exhaust.  It is now permanent on display in a Volkswagen dealership and is used often. The latest public entry on a car show was the Amelia Island concours 2019 where it got second in class behind a Rometsch split window coupe. (PS)


Ex Jon Lane, USA
Ex John Herrlin, USA
Gene Langan Collection, USA


Petri steering wheel with horn ring, glove box doors, twin carb engine and four tip Abarth exhaust.

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