Type 14A

Type 14A
Cabrio 2/2 seats
Year of production
Aufbau number 18999 2107
Engine number X
Interior decoration
Tank 40 liters high version
  • split
Engine decklid
  • welded (three pices)
Water box
  • curved
Semaphore boxes
open inside


This Hebmüller came from the States and was used at West Coast Metric Shop to guide the restauration of Heb 14-00710. Strange thing on this car is the quarter lights in the doors. I have only seen one Hebmüller with that. Rumour goes that this extra was done at Rometsch in Berlin. The Heb was finshed 2 days before the factory fire. After all the fire started on 23 july 1949 at 14.00 o clock.. That was on a Saturday. The date shows it is a pre fire car… The chance it was in the factory ground at the time is real. It got away on the hell fire… That is why it is now called Teufelheb – devil’s heb. 

History goes far back.. The chassis and one door were changed due to an accident. The rebuilding on the side windows to vent windows are according to info done by Rometsch in Berlin. One door was replaced. The US army soldier left Berlin and shipped to New York in 1970. Also the car is in the USA, it was never registred. It was moved later to California, where it sat in a barn. In the 80ies there was a huge earthquake. A second get-away after the fire in 49 as the garage around the Heb was complete gone. The Heb was secured and Bob Scott  from Vintage Parts in Burbank California, put the car in his shop. Bob knew Bob from BBT and he laid his eyes for the first time on the car. Bob Scott died a few years ago. David Fuentes bought the Heb and flipped it to Loren Pearson from WCM and used it as a master for the rebuild of heb 710 that is now in hands of a collector in the States. Pearson told later that such a bad car they never would restore in California. 

Bob from BBT was secondly to late for the car as it was sold to Ritchie King from Karmann Connection in the UK. After a couple of years Richie sold the Heb to Bob BBT at last. He still owns it and  Seppe the metal master rebuilt it into a dragster….No worry as all the Heb metal was saved. The original front cradle for the gas tank is still in place, as the tags and body number. The inner wings were wrong , so they are gone and a flip front was made to fit it.

Doors are later model like oval aera. Reinforcements in front ¼ panels inside are new model with 3 ribs. Before it was only half as high. Due to a research, the original Vin number for this Heb was found. By this, a part of history was completed. (PS)


Ex Götz Neubauer, Düsseldorf, Germany, 1962, number plate D-EW 544
in 1963 he moved to Hamburg, Germany, number plate HH-EE 544
EX Jürgen Franck, Hamburg, Germany, 1964, number plate HH-EE 544?
EX Heinz Dieter Buttner, Bielefeld, Germany; number plate BI-CR558
Ex Gary L. Jones, US soldier in Berlin, 1968, Germany/ shipped to the USA
Ex Bob Scott, USA
Ex David Fuentes, USA
Ex Loren Pearson, USA
Ex Ritchie King, England
Current owner BBT Belgium


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