Brennabor coachbuild

29. May 1915: My grandfather Joseph Hebmüller senior behind the steering wheel of a converted Brennabor automobile. The young boy behind him is my father Erich Hebmüller.

VW Type 38 stop

On a promotion tour in 1938 a VW Type 38 stopped at the Hebmüller factory. The young woman on the left with the white work coat is Lieselotte Hebmüller. The VW Type 38 was car number twenty two.

50th company anniversary 1939

From left:

Herbert Hebmüller, son of Joseph Hebmüller junior
Joseph Hebmüller junior
me as a young boy
Emil Hebmüller
Elisabeth Hebmüller, widow of Joseph senior
Paul Hebmüller
Karl Heinz Hebmüller, son of Paul Hebmüller
Erich Hebmüller, my father
Siegfried Hebmüller, son of Emil Hebmüller

Type 14A prototype break

On this picture you see one of our early protptype with a OPEL in the background. On the left is an apprentice boy and on the right Mr. Rath, one of the coachbuild mechanics.

Sunday cruise

From left: Paul Hebmüller, Gerda Hebmüller (wife from Paul Hebmüller), Hannelore Rittersbach (daughter of a VW dealer in Kaiserslautern), Karl Heinz Hebmüller (son of Paul & Gerda Hebmüller)

Coupe trip to Kaiserslautern

In 1949 an employee and me, drove the Hebmüller coupe to Karl Heinz Hebmüller in Kaiserslautern. At this time Karl Heinz studied at the college for coachbuild engineering in Kaiserslautern. The coupe was build out of a burned Type 14a body after the factory fire.

From left: Theo Grote, Hannelore Rittersbach, Karl Heinz Hebmüller and me

Automobile Show Berlin 1949

In 1949 Hebmüller showed the Type 14A VW convertible on the first motor show after the war in Berlin. The man with the cravat (right beside the passenger door) is the governing mayor of Berlin Mr. Ernst Reuter.

Hebmüller Veritas model

Here you see Herbert Hebmüller (second from left) and Paul Hebmüller (third from left), working on a Veritas model

Hanomag Sturm test drive

from left:

Karl Heinz Hebmüller
Paul Hebmüller
Gerda Hebmüller

Back after over 30 years

Paul and Erich Hebmüller visited the old Wülfrath factory in the eighties

Lieselotte Hebmüller June 1949

Here you see Lieselotte Hebmüller posing in the brand-new 14-00005 pre series Type 14A at the factory in Wülfrath

Lieselotte Hebmüller 2002

At the 100.000 km Volkswagen Meeting in Hückeswagen in 2002, Lieselotte Hebmüller had a seat in a Type 14A again. Many thanks to Jan Peter Henkels for this nice idea and the great picture.

Private race car

On this picture you see Gottfried Vollmers VW chassis based race car. Hebmüller build this unique car in 1948 for the tobacco dealer. Under the aluminium body shell is a very light tube frame.

Type 14A Coupe

Here you see the nice Type 14A Coupe with Lore Wittenschläger. She worked in the office of the Hebmüller factory. 

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