Back in the 1980th Hebmueller enthusiasts in England and in the United States collected information on VW Type 14A and started a first registry. People like Bob Shaill, Steve Wood, Bob Gilmore and Klaus Jacobsen did an excellent job.

Otherwise a lot of the history might have gone. Since quite some years Claus Missing, backed up by Peter Schepens, had published a Hebmüller Registry on his internet website to have people around the globe participating in the informations. This Registry, however, has been a bit like a hidden treasure as it was found under the legend of our famous competitor Karmann. Moreover this registry contained information on the VW Type 14A, resp.18, only.

So, many people connected the name Hebmueller exclusively with the VW – HEBs. As a matter of fact the roaring twenties and the thirties of the last century have been the highest time for coachbuilders in general and especially Karosserie Hebmüller. Exclusive bodies had been built as well as small series on chassis of well-known makes like Horch, Mercedes, Opel, Ford, Buick and Chrysler, but also for almost forgotten makes such as Körting, Hansa, Hanomag, Tornax and numerous others. When Claus told me last year about his plans to up-date and separate the Hebmüller registry, both of us found it a good idea to  include all Hebmüller products. So far I had collected photos and information on some 50 non-VW’s, not as professional like Claus, but now contained in the new Hebmueller Registry. Everybody is invited to complete the information, and to keep the registry vigorous. Claus, thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm. You did a really great job!


News from Japan!

Many new restauration pictures from Hebmüller 14-00258. Great job!

Veritas RS

Peter Pförtner showed his great Veritas RS race car at the Classic Days in Jüchen. Check out the pictures!

14-00410 from Bulgaria

Many new pictures from Hebmüller 14-00410! Nice that the new owner shows it on a Volkswagen meeting!


15.12.2018: new history pictures added to 14-00309 (SD)
08.12.2018: new pictures & informations about history from 14-00076 (PS)
08.12.2018: new history picture added to 14-00338 and 14-00151 (CM)
07.12.2018: new pictures added to 14-00427, 14-00428 and 14-00705 (CM)
07.12.2018: new history pictures added to 14-00458 (CM)
18.11.2018: history added to Hanomag Sturm Cabriolet from 1937 (KH)
18.11.2018: missing picture added to Opel Admiral Cabrio 2/2 seats 38-1050 (KH)
09.11.2018. new pictures and numbers from Hanomag L28 167968 (CM)
04.10.2018: new history picture of 14-00725 (CM)
04.10.2018: new pictures of Hebmüller 14-00625 (CM)
01.10.2018: Aufbau number and badge picture loaded up for 14-00258 (BG)
08.09.2018: new Infos and pictures about 14-00461 from Belgium (PS)
02.09.2018: many new pictures and new infos from 14-00601 (PS)
29.08.2018: new pictures from 14-00410 and 14-00458 (CM)
27.08.2018: new informations about history and owners from Type 14A 1-0138310 (BG)
05.08.2018: new informations about Hanomag L28 67769 from Germany (KH)
04.08.2018: new pictures and infos about Tornax Rex from Germany (KH)
24.07.2018: new Hebmüller Type 14A 1-0138310 from the USA (BG)
24.07.2018: new restauration pictures from 14-00536 (CM)
17.07.2018: new pictures from 14-00151and 1-0148550 (CM)
17.07.2018: new historical pictures from 1-0140421 (CM)


Your chance to buy a rare Hebmüller coachbuild car! This is one of three known HANOMAG "L28 Mannschaftswagen" build by Hebmüller. You can get more infos from the seller Volker Barthmann. More pictures picture you´ll find here. Website: www.hanomag-tours.de, Email: info@hanomag-tours.de




Body number: X (50)

Chassis number: X

Engine number: X

Country: Norway

Year of production: 1939

Body number: 14-00346

Chassis number: 1-0128890

Engine number: X

Country: Germany

Year of production: 1949

Body number: 14-00XXX

Chassis number: 1-0138310

Engine number: X

Country: USA

Year of production: 1949

€ 0


Spin the Type 14A image with your mouse. You can open the doors, the deck lids and the roof with the scroll wheel. Many thanks to Ruud de Ruiter for this nice image of his Hebmüller 14-00201!


Hebmüller always has fixed a little badge in the fold of one of the front doors, sometimes to the engine compartment rear bulk or – as at the Volkswagen types 14A and 18 – underneath the front hood right behind the spare tire. This badge shows the Kom.Nr. = Aufbau number. and the date of manufacturing, i.e. Kom.Nr. 19472 / 0802. This badge is missing at most of the pre-war cars and also at early after-war ones. Therefore we just have allocated a number starting with X-001 up to X-....for identification for all vehicles except of Volkswagen. Owners are kindly asked to inform us if they know the Aufbau number of their car unless not yet published in the registry.

Klaus Hebmüller


Normally we check old Hebmüller pictures for details of the car. In this case, we found a detail in the background of a car. A white house which we have seen before. It is Frank Hebmüllers house in Düsseldorf, where we stopped for a coffee break in 2009 at the Hebmüller Karosserie Meeting...unbelievable! The red Type 14a on the pictures belongs to a man who lived in Mönchengladbach. He took the pictures in 1951 when he drove through Düsseldorf. One year later he sold the red Hebmüller to buy a Mercedes Benz. The Hebmüller was build by KARMANN in Osnabrück and was probably scraped.

Save the date!

17th to 18th of August 2019

From the 17th to 18th of August 2019 the family around Klaus Hebmüller will organize the next HEBMÜLLER KAROSSERIE MEETING in Meerbusch.
One highlight is the ride with all Hebmüller Type 14A to the old factory in Wülfrath, like in 2014.

We plan with a new wolrd record between 30 and 40 Type 14A convertibles! The actual world record is 29 cars from 2009 in Hessisch Oldendorf.

Don´t miss it!

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