Back in the 1980th Hebmueller enthusiasts in England and in the United States collected information on VW Type 14A and started a first registry. People like Bob Shaill, Steve Wood, Bob Gilmore and Klaus Jacobsen did an excellent job.

Otherwise a lot of the history might have gone. Since quite some years Claus Missing, backed up by Peter Schepens, had published a Hebmüller Registry on his internet website to have people around the globe participating in the informations. This Registry, however, has been a bit like a hidden treasure as it was found under the legend of our famous competitor Karmann. Moreover this registry contained information on the VW Type 14A, resp.18, only.

So, many people connected the name Hebmueller exclusively with the VW – HEBs. As a matter of fact the roaring twenties and the thirties of the last century have been the highest time for coachbuilders in general and especially Karosserie Hebmüller. Exclusive bodies had been built as well as small series on chassis of well-known makes like Horch, Mercedes, Opel, Ford, Buick and Chrysler, but also for almost forgotten makes such as Körting, Hansa, Hanomag, Tornax and numerous others. When Claus told me about his plans to up-date and separate the Hebmüller registry, both of us found it a good idea to  include all Hebmüller products. So far I had collected photos and information on some 50 non-VW’s, not as professional like Claus, but now contained in the new Hebmueller Registry. Everybody is invited to complete the information, and to keep the registry vigorous. Claus, thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm. You did a really great job!


Type 18A

New historical pictures from the eighties added to police convertible 18-00182 (CM)

New owner for 14-00166

Congratulations to Andre and Antoinette from the museum "De Wolfsburcht" (CM)

HANOMAG Sturm Roadster

New pictures of HANOMAG Sturm Roadster #11 from 1936 in the Hebmüller Registry (KH)


06.10.2020: new historical pictures of Type 18A police convertible 18-00182 (CM)
27.09.2020: new restoration pictures of Hanomag Sturm Roadster #11 (KH)
23.08.2020: pictures of the finished Type 18A 18-00047 restoration from Germany (CM)
02.08.2020: new restoration pictures of 14-00570 from Germany (PS)
02.08.2020: new pictures of Opel Admiral #44 from Germany (CM)
01.08.2020: history informations added to Tornax Rex #30 (KH)
19.07.2020: new OPEL Admiral #77 from Russia in the Hebmüller Registry (KH)
12.07.2020: new restoration pictures of Björn Schewes 14-00534 (SD)
03.07.2020: chassis & engine number added to Opel Admiral #46 from Hungary (KH)
03.07.2020: owner added to Opel Admiral #60 from Latvia (KH)
06.06.2020: new pictures of Tornax Roadster #28 from Germany (CM)
06.06.2020: new restoration pictures of 14-00581 from Germany (SD)
01.06.2020: new restoration pictures of 14-00346 from the Grundmann collection (PS)
30.05.2020: new restoration pictures of 14-00258 from Japan (BG)
23.05.2020: new pictures and new history informations of Hanomag Roadster #10 (CM)
10.05.2020: missing Body number and new pictures added to Heb 14-00008! (PS)
03.05.2020: new Hebmüller Type 14a 14-00296 from USA in the Registry (SD)
02.05.2020: missing pictures added to Tornax Rex #34 (CM) 
04.04.2020: new site Hebmüller Artwork online (BG)
29.02.2020: new pictures of Type 14A 14-0061X from Germany (CM)
12.02.2020: new pictures of Buick Standard Six from 1928 (CM)
28.01.2020: new Mercedes Benz 540 K Coupe from 1937 in the Hebmüller Registry (KH)
25.01.2020: new pictures of Hebmüller 14-00151 from Canada (CM)
25.01.2020: new pictures of Hebmüller 14-00581 from Germany (CM)

Oldest known Type 18A

The oldest known Type 18A Hebmüller convertible 18-00047 is back on the road. Congratulations to the owner for this great restoration job! Check out all pictures here in the Hebmüller Registry.




Tornax Rex #30: In 1936 Hans Oskar Hildebrandt´s father bought the one years old Tornax from a doctor. The family lived in Halle/ Saale, in the middle of Germany which became the state of DDR after World War II. Hans Oskar remembers very well the rides in the Tornax with his father when he was a child. The car survived the war and the time thereafter and it was driven by the father until 1977 when the father died. Hans Oskar drove it too until he flew to West-Germany in 1961. Hans Oskar, who lived near Hamburg now, remembered the nice car and during a visit at his home town he found it almost as a wreck. He wanted to get it out of the DDR and started to bring part by part across the border. This was quit dangerous as the DDR customs checked each outgoing car very carefully and penalties had been strong. Once he had to return parts from the border and he found that he never would be able to get the bigger parts, especially the chassis out of the DDR. So he tried the official way and with the help of Mr. Genscher, former Secretary of State, he succeeded in 1985. He had to pay for the car to the DDR state to get it out, even it was owned by his family. During following 5 years the Rex was carefully restored. Since 1990 Hans Oskar Hildebrandt brings the nice roadster to many events with historic automobiles. (KH)


After a long search, and investigation and with the help of other enthusiasts, the Lottermann’s Hebmüller, since long time known as Heb 14-00103 is identified. Markus was very glad to find out the real Body number on his type 14a. The car’s former nr 14-00103 was deducted by Heinz Willy Lottermann on the first digits from the Chassis numbers 1-103322. The info was found on a copy from the Wagenbegleitkarte that was provided by a collector who was not aware it was not for his car. So the identification is 100% correct. The car was built 15 July 1949, it was shipped on 16th of July to WEBER dealership in Berlin, and has Body number 14-00008. The original color was elfenbein or Ivory. It is unclear if that was a complete elfenbein car or just a black one with elfenbein sides.. In our research, we found out that another Heb was indeed completely painted in elfenbein. So when the car was restored years ago, Heinz Willy Lottermann used what was available. The heater channels, the front part was changed and replaced by the wrong parts. The Heb should have a flat front panel and a small fuel tank. The car however will be kept in the same condition but made driveable for the German TÜV one day. Do not bother to ask, the car is not for sale as to honor Heinz Willy Lottermann. Check out all new pictures  >>> here <<<  (PS)


Hebmüller 14-00296 is back on the road

Pete Banholzer from Virginia, USA has finished the restauration of his Hebmüller 14-00296! Last August Pete visited the Hebmüller Karosserie Meeting in Meerbusch. Check out all pictures of his stunning Type 14a convertible and his history story  >>> here <<<  (SD)


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Check out the colored Hebmüller drawings from Eugen Rappold and Werner Lützenkirchen. Eugen Rappold was the chief construction engineer till 1947. Werner Lützenkirchen worked for the Hebmüller factory as a designer till 1952. Click here to see the drawings (BG)


Hebmüller Mercedes-Benz 540 K Coupé from 1937

The onliest Mercedes-Benz 540 K Hebmüller coachbuild popped out at a Sotheby´s auction in the USA! This unique coupé was ordered by Brabender GmbH in Duisburg. Check out the full story and all pictures here!

Type 14A gathering at the VW Classic 1998

Rich Kimball was the VW Classic car show promoter and organizer for many years held in Irvine, California. For 1998, Kimball wanted to have as many Hebmüller VWs to gather and attend the VW Classis show. So, he got a hold of BoB Gilmore, of the Hebmüller VW Registry, to help with contacting the Hebmüller VW owners in the USA requesting them to attend the show.


Perhaps setting the record of the number of Hebmüller VWs gathering in one place. When the VW Classis show was held on June 14, 1998, there were 12 Hebmüller VWs in attendance setting the new record!

BoB Gilmore made a special VW Classic trophy in a limited quantity of 20. They were presented and given to the owners who brought their Hebmüller VW to the show.

Just one year later in 1999, the record was overbid at the Hessisch Oldendorf Meeting with 29 Type 14A Hebmüllers.

Check out all pictures here!



Body number: 14-00296

Chassis number: 1-0126870

Engine number: 1-0138844

Country: USA

Year of production: 1949

Body number: (internal #72) X

Chassis number: 112186

Engine number: 121,0414689

Country: Germany

Year of production: 1952

Body number: (internal #77) X

Chassis number: X

Engine number: X

Country: Russia

Year of production: 1938


Spin the Type 14A image with your mouse. You can open the doors, the deck lids and the roof with the scroll wheel. Many thanks to Ruud de Ruiter for this nice image of his Hebmüller 14-00201!

First Hebmüller Type 14A Meeting 1983

At the start of 1983, BoB Gilmore had taken over full responsibility of the Hebmüller VW Type 14A Registry. Also, on April 10, 1983, BoB organized the first ever Hebmüller VW Type 14A meeting in conjunction with the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. The meeting was held at the property of Karl and Mary Belcher in La Mesa (San Diego) in California.

The Belcher location was on a couple of acres and had a large 12 stall horse facility that had been converted into display rooms featuring the many fine Vintage VWs owned by them. Karl had also recently purchased a 1950 Hebmüller VW from Traugott Grundmann in Germany.

In attendance were 6 Hebmüller VWs from the California area and it was such an awesome site seeing the impressive row of the rare VWs all lined up.

At the time, Hebmüller VWs present were owned by BoB Gilmore (14-00258), Steve Herron (14-00055), Maurey Cole (14-00012), Scott Hendry (14-00420), Karl Belcher (14-00433) and also Al Biehl (14-00269).
Check out all pictures here!


Check out the pictures of the Hebmüller Karosserie Meeting 2019. A lot of rare Hebmüller coachbuild cars found their way to Meerbusch near Düsseldorf in August. The longest journey to the meeting had a Type 14a from Canada.


online now!

All Typ 14A Hebmüller Registry lists from the past are online now. Check out Bob Shaills, Steve Woods, Bob Gilmores and Klaus Jacobsens Type 14A Registry lists. Bob Shaill had 31 cars in his Registry in 1981. The cornerstone for our Hebmüller Registry with 155 Type 14A today. Many thanks for your great job! 


The old world record from the Hessisch Oldendorf Meeting 2009 with twenty-nine Type 14a VW Hebmüllers is history. With the help of the hole Registry team we could beat the old record with thirty-three Type 14a at the Hebmüller Meeting in Meerbusch! Many thanks to the participants for bringing their car to the meeting!


Missing Aufbau plate handed over at the Hebmüller Meeting in Meerbusch

In 2007 we got the information that a Hebmüller Aufbau plate from a burned Heb was found in Florida. The plate was missing since the car was stripped for restoration in the late 80's. The car itself was probably the first self driving car around, as it was parked in a garage in first gear. A fire in that garage was destroying the whole building but due to heat, the electric wire melted on the starting engine so the car drove itself out of the barn, by short cut on the wires. When Peter Schepens got the news just before Bad Camberg meeting in 2007 he needed to inform the owner Mr. Aurelio Belussi from Italy. With a translation by Andreas Fink from Bolzano, we managed to inform the owner that the Aufbau plate was found but not yet received. Now after 12 years, the plate finally was send over to Peter last week. The owner Kevin Jeannette from Gunnar racing team in Florida decided that it was time to let the Aufbau plate go out of his collection to be put where it belongs. To hand over the plate, we first made a document that was signed by Klaus Hebmüller, Claus Missing, Stevwe Dressler and me, Bob Gilmore was foreseen but unfortunately, he missed it. At the parade on Sunday, at the Meeting in Meerbusch the cars were driven around a block and presented to the public with a speaker who comment the car and owner. For Aurelio, we decided that the hand over needed to be done by Klaus Hebmüller himself. We framed a letter, that was signed with a pict of the plate inside. When Aurelio stood in front of the visitors, Markus Lottermann who speaks Italian, translated the letter and asked what part on his car was missing... Aurelio did not understand. But when he noticed that it was all about the Aufbau plate he was thrilled to receive the frame and document....he smiled and was happy. When Klaus Hebmüller also had the plate in his hand, he almost cried and thanked us all for it. (PS)


In 1979 & Around the 30th Anniversary of the VW Typ 14A , Bob Shaill Of The VW Split Window Club Of London, UK had the idea to create an international registry for these cars with special bodies by Karosserie Hebmüller. He sought the help of Heb-owners & Heb-Hunters of that time, and from all around the globe. Bob then compiled all their research & photographs into the First - Ever VW Hebmueller Typ 14A Registry which appeared in February, 1981 with just 31 cars. Bob’s next edition came out in November of 1981 with 44 cars. His third & final Hebmueller Registry (before handing over to Bob Gilmore in the USA) in July, 1982 already had 60 VW Type 14A Hebs registered. In his opening letter to Registry Members, Bob Said, “I sincerely hope that this Hebmüller Register will bring owners a little closer together.” Well now it’s 2019 & we’ll soon celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the VW Typ 14A Hebmueller; and Bob Shail is back again to support the NEW Hebmüller Registry which now includes 160 VW Typ 14A Models plus every other known car around the world with bodies by Hebmüller. In August we will celebrate these with a party hosted by the Hebmüller family themselves. It’s fair to say that Bob’s great vision from 1979 has come true, and that the new Hebmüller Registry carries on his great work to “Bring Hebmüller Owners a little closer together!” Congratulations &

Welcome back to The Hebmüller Registry Founder, Bob Shaill


The restauration of Delahaye 135 M with Hebmüller coachwork has finished. The car came up for sale at Sotheby´s Auction in May 2019. Check out the new pictures and the history! Many thanks to Remi Dargeden for the great pictures!


Missing Hebmüller 14-00581 rescued by Hessisch Oldendorf Team

A week ago, some pictures showed up on different Facebook pages about a burnt Hebmüller in Switzerland. Now after some hectic searches, Christian Grundmann scored the remains of this Heb in the mountains. The car was stored in a barn made of fire wood and temporary roof until the restoration could be done...however, some kids playing with matches and fire crackers and set this barn on fire inclusive the Heb in it with this result. The fire was at least 15 years ago. Now the Hebmüller is rescued and moved to Germany. The Heb was last seen in the 90ies when a picture showed up in an article of Super VW magazine. More informations about the history are coming soon. Check out all pictures of 14-00581 here. (PS) 22.09.2019


Hebmüller Mercedes-Benz 170 S Coupé from 1951

The onliest known Mercedes-Benz Hebmüller coachbuild popped out in England! Several Mercedes-Benz cars got their special outfit in Wülfrath. This unique Mercedes-Benz 170 S coupé was ordered by Dr. Wilhelm Manchot a director of Henkel & Cie in Düsseldorf. Check out the complete story and all pictures here!


"Pascha" was checked and delivered on January 28, 1950 by the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. On May 24, 1950 Pascha received his first license plate "BH 35-3638"(British Hamburg). His first owner was Walter-Harald Korte, a very good friend of Egon Schultz. On year later Egon Schultz bought Pascha and on 18 May 1951 he was registered on the company "Hermann Schultz - Geldschrank- und Tresorbau". After the occupation in 1956 the license plate was changed to HH-JJ 732 (Hansestadt Hamburg). This license plate Pascha owns until today. In the first year (1952), Judith and Egon Schultz made a tour through Germany with Pascha. In the 2nd year (1953) they drove to Kotor in the former Yugoslavia. On their return trip, the first engine has given up its spirit. Even the American MP (Military Police) could not help. Meanwhile, the 3th machine does its job in Pascha. Until about 1963, Pascha completed his main service in the company of Egon Schultz by driving to the various major banks in Germany. His wife Judith Schultz sewed 2 pennants for Pascha with the sign of „Hermann Schultz - Geldschrank- und Tresorbau“. From about 1963 Pascha began his service with Judith Schultz. During the summer holidays she drove several times with the children from Hamburg to Tossa de Mar in Spain. The distance of approx. 1800 km has covered Pascha in 2 stages. Christoph Schultz (youngest son of Judith and Egon Schultz) has always been interested in Pascha. From 1998 Christoph Schultz took over the intensive care of Pascha. Pascha regularly participates with him in the Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips memorial ride in Kerpen and so far has driven a few trophies home. Once even the 1st place in the overall ranking of 100 vintage cars from Bj. 1930 - 1975. After more than 40 years Christoph Schultz drove from Bergheim (near Cologne) to Tossa de Mar to the "25a VW-Concentration de los Amigs VW Catalunia (AVWC)" in September 2018. Pascha was originally delivered in complete black and 1958 was painted over in Bordeaux red metallic (a Porsche color?). From summer 1974 to summer 1975 Pascha was welded in Spain by a friendly auto repair shop in Santa Coloma de Farnes and was painted over in silver metallic. His latest color. The roof was renewed in the same year in Hamburg and then provided with the larger plastic window at the back, for a better view to the rear. How Pascha got his name? Well, Egon Schultz used to be a bit more athletic with the Hebmüller and everyone had to make room. A good friend and business associate then said:  the "Pascha" is driving through the streets of Hamburg.

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